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Tienda online de Cosmética natural y productos ecológicos para el hogar. Jabones naturales, Jabones de Marsella y cosmética BIO.

Who we are

Campo di fiore


We were born in 2008 with a clear purpose of betting on the traditional, without unnecessary additives. A return to the origins. This is how our own line of natural soaps with olive oil was born.


We offer you a selection of top brand products made with natural ingredients that exude tradition and respect for the environment. Because natural is better.


If you take care of your Home, why not do the same with our planet? It is our common home, our present and the future of our generations. Let's take care of it as it deserves: recycle and reuse.

Desde el blog

Propiedades y beneficios del ácido hialurónico para la piel
ácido hialurónico

Properties and benefits of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the star ingredients in natural cosmetics. We tell you its main characteristics and the benefits that incorporating it into your daily beauty routines will bring.

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Jabones de Castilla de Dr. Bronner 18 en 1
dr. bronner

18 in 1: uses of Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner's liquid Castile soaps are used for almost, almost everything. Literally! Here we tell you the 18 uses recognized by the brand for this product, but there may even be more.

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Mádara Cosmetics: cosmética de lujo para tu piel
agua de abedul

Mádara Cosmetics: luxury cosmetics for your skin

Today we talk to you about Mádara Cosmetics. Authentic natural cosmetics from Latvia. Luxury cosmetics for the ingredients it contains, sustainability and respect for the environment.

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