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Article: Mádara Cosmetics: luxury cosmetics for your skin

Mádara Cosmetics: cosmética de lujo para tu piel
agua de abedul

Mádara Cosmetics: luxury cosmetics for your skin

For some time now we have been incorporating products from the natural cosmetics brand Mádara Cosmetics . It may be an unknown brand to you, but not to us. And we like it more and more.

In this article I am going to tell you some curiosities about the brand and I will tell you about my favorites. In our online store you can find some of Mádara's products .

How was Mádara Cosmetics born?

Mádara is a Latvian cosmetics brand founded by Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere in 2006. The trigger was an allergic skin reaction she suffered from using a conventional cosmetic. This made him think about the beauty products we use and decided to create a brand that seeks skin care based on 3 pillars: organic ingredients, innovation and sustainability.

Founder of the Mádara Cosmetics brand

On these pillars they build a maxim that applies to all the brand's products: luxury.

What does luxury mean to you?

Not a simple question, because what is luxury really? Wear expensive clothes? Enjoy a sunrise in the middle of nature? For each person this definition will be different, it can even be very different things at the same time.

For Mádara, luxury is the forests of northern Europe and its fertile lands. Also the seas and long sandy beaches from which you can see the northern lights. Also the old wooden houses separated by great distances from others. The golden autumn and the crystalline winters, or the short summers of the North.

The luxury of fresh, natural, pure, refined ingredients formulated together to achieve their maximum potential.

Because the best skin care is the kind of beauty that goes beyond the skin . Only if we look better can we act and feel better. That is why Mádara influences the care of our well-being, the decisions we make, our values ​​and the care of the environment.

What ingredients are used in Mádara Cosmetics?

The key ingredients of this brand are northern essences, from which the purest and most precious essences are obtained. Arctic berries, unique seed oils rich in powerful antioxidants, omega fatty acids and anti-aging active ingredients.

But without a doubt, the star ingredient in all its lines is birch sap .

Birch sap

In the spring, an energizing liquid known as juice, water or birch sap is extracted from birch trees. It is a traditional drink of northern culture. It has purifying and cleansing properties and a powerful anti-aging effect for the skin .

Birch water is created in the roots of the birch tree and travels through the trunk until it reaches the leaves. It is essential in the survival of the tree after the cold northern winters. Birch trees ensure their growth and regeneration after winter.

Birch water is only found in those regions where the temperature does not exceed 0ºC in winter, such as Latvia, Finland or northern Russia . It contains sugars and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. It also has a unique blend of amino acids (citrin, glutamine , glutamic acid, asparagine, isoleucine, phenylalanine), enzymes and natural organic acids (malic acid, succinic acid, citric acid and fumaric acid).

It is not surprising then that in all of Mádara's compositions this ingredient appears in addition to other organic compounds.

My favorite Mádara products

In our online store you can find different products from this brand, such as bath gels, deodorants or eye contours. I'm going to tell you which are my 3 favorite products, although it was difficult for me to choose.

SOS Hydra CICA Cream . The SOS line is an anti-aging and rehydrating shock treatment based on hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica.

Mádara CICA ultra-hydrating cream

I also especially like the Derma Collagen firming serum based on natural peptides derived from biotechnology, microalgae and hyaluronic acid. The face gains firmness and elasticity from the first application.

Madara derma-collagen serum

And to complete, my discovery of the season: the IMMU Nasolabial protection cream . A cream that takes care of the area between the lip and the nose that always gets dry, especially in winter and even more so now with the use of masks. It also strengthens the skin's defense against viruses.

Madara IMMU Nasolabial Cream

And what Mádara product do you like the most?

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