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Article: How to apply eye contour correctly

Como aplicar el contorno de ojos correctamente

How to apply eye contour correctly

The eye contour area is perhaps the area that worries us the most when we talk about beauty. That's because the eyes, like the hands, are the first areas of the body that reflect a person's real age .

And the area around the eyes has very special characteristics due to the structure of the skin that makes it up.

What is the skin around the eyes like?

The skin around the eye is 5 to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face , and therefore more sensitive to chemicals, UV rays and climatic changes such as cold, heat, wind, etc. These factors are reflected in the eye contour in the form of dark circles, bags, spots, wrinkles (the well-known crow's feet) or sagging.

In the area around the eyes there are 22 muscles that are working continuously , with each involuntary blink. Additionally, the area is especially prone to dehydration since it has little collagen and elastin . Both things cause wrinkles to appear and the skin to look "tired."

Another important factor is that blood and lymphatic circulation in the surrounding area is reduced. Therefore, the skin does not "refresh" in the same way and that is why it must be helped with the famous touches.

How to choose the best eye contour?

Choosing the best eye contour is very subjective. I would say that you should choose the best eye cream for you because we are not all the same.

All eye contours are specially designed to protect and hydrate the eye contour area. A moisturizing cream for your face is not useful, you need something else.

Once we have that clear, I would look at what specific problem you have . Whether it is bags, dark circles, wrinkles, or you simply want to prevent the appearance of expression lines. Of course, be wary of good and cheap eye contours because they don't exist . Keep in mind that they are very specific products for a very special area.

One of my favorites, in fact it is the one I use regularly, is the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Eye Cream . Although I don't have bags or dark circles, I do notice dehydrated skin in that area and this product refreshes and hydrates me at the same time. With a single application you already notice that the skin is plumped and appears younger.

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Eye Contour Cream

Another very interesting product is the eye contour mask that you can use as a shock treatment or as a simple daily eye contour. It is especially useful against bags and dark circles as it reduces inflammation of the skin around the eyes.

Madara SOS Eye Contour Mask

In our online store you will find a selection of eye contours that cover the needs you may have in terms of eye care.

How is the eye contour applied?

In order for you to notice the effects of the eye contour , you must be consistent and apply it every day , preferably in the morning and at night, before the moisturizing or nourishing cream. To apply the eye contour correctly you must strictly follow the following steps:

  1. Clean the eye contour area well . A makeup remover wipe doesn't work, that's not enough. Apply a good gentle cleanser such as Antipodes Hallelujah Facial Cleanser .
  2. Take a very small amount of the eye contour , one grain of rice for each eye is enough. Don't go overboard with the amount, that won't remove more wrinkles than necessary.
  3. Apply the eye contour with your ring finger, giving gentle touches. The fact that this finger is not a whim, it is because it has the least strength of all and therefore the pressure it will exert on the area will be the gentlest possible.
  4. Apply it to the eye socket area , not directly to the eyelid. It completely surrounds the eye, from the temple to the tear duct and then back. Also apply to the eyebrow area so that it does not fall and is hydrated.
  5. Repeat the tapping movements to promote absorption of the product while applying a gentle massage, as well as circulation.
  6. Depending on the specific problem around the eyes, you may want to lightly pinch the temples to reduce crow's feet. Next, continue with your daily beauty routine.

At what age should you start applying eye contour?

There is no minimum age at which you have to start applying an eye contour. Logically, if you are under 20 years old it is not necessary, your skin is full of hydration. But let's say that a good start is 25 years to delay the appearance of expression lines. And then, change the eye contour according to your current needs as I explained previously.

Whichever you choose, never ever stop including this product in your beauty routines.

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