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Article: The best hand creams for very dry skin

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The best hand creams for very dry skin

By now you will have realized that the skin of the hands is especially susceptible to dryness and therefore needs special care. External aggressions, contact with water, wind and heat cause the skin to dry out and become more brittle.

Today I am going to tell you about my experience and why I have come to the conclusion that these are The best hand creams for very dry skin that I have tried . As I tell you, a fact based solely on my experience and not on marketing claims.

My experience:

I have been working in a laboratory for years and this means that my hands are always in contact with gloves, water and disinfectant soaps, not to mention aggressive chemicals. For this reason, after a day of work my hands were always dry.

I have tried everything you can imagine (vegetable oils, famous creams specially “designed” for the cold and external aggressions, aloe vera, Vaseline, etc.). But none of that worked, my hands didn't improve.

If I'm honest, what worked best for me was directly apply shea butter. If you have ever used it, you will already know that the problem is that it takes a long time to be absorbed. Therefore you end up with sticky hands for a long time. And it turns out that another of my problems is lack of time!!

The best hand creams for very dry skin

As you may have imagined, in my house there are hand creams everywhere, and since they didn't work for me, the bottles are always half full. But all that ended as soon as I tried the hand creams I'm going to tell you about. You can find all of them in our online store , because, if they have worked for me, they will surely work for you too.

Below I briefly summarize why these hand creams are, in my opinion, the best hand creams for very dry skin:

Hand cream with BIO Argan from Terre d'OC

Hand cream with Argan oil

This cream is very light. If you are looking for something really easy to apply and with an ecological certificate, this is a perfect candidate. The Argan oil is noticeable to the touch, creamy but absorbed very well. It has an aloe vera base that helps recover damaged skin. To always carry in your bag.

K. Hall Hand and Body Creams

I have saved the best for last. Because they are undoubtedly the ones that work best for me. These hand creams for very dry skin have as main component shea butter . As I told you before, it is what works best for me. In its composition there is also aloe vera, the repairer par excellence. And grape seed oil which is a true antioxidant cocktail for the skin.

Moisturizing hand cream with Grapefruit and Mint Shea

They are also free of parabens or petroleum-derived bases. And you can choose between three different but equally irresistible aromas: Egyptian jasmine , the citrus blend Grove either Grapefruit and Mint .

Don't be fooled by its price. Although they may seem expensive, keep in mind that they have 100 ml, which is twice the content of most common hand creams. They are perfect to keep on the bedside table and apply at night as a ritual. A light massage, breathe in its aroma strongly, a little reading and sleep my star.

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