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BIO Olivia dry oil for body and hair 230 ml

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Quick-drying body oil (dry oil) based on Olive and Evening Primrose oils. Provides hydration and protection for body and hair thanks to its Omega 6 content.
  • Fast dry
  • Very moisturizing

OLIVIA nourishing dry oil of BIO origin is a cocktail of vegetable oils. It provides hydration (in the upper layers of the epidermis) and protection to both the body and hair, thanks to its high Omega 6 content. This non-greasy oil provides the skin with exceptional emollient properties .

dry body oil

It is an alternative to traditional almond oil with the advantage that it dries very quickly. This makes it a perfect solution if you are in a hurry.

Once you start using it, it becomes a beauty ally in the treatment of dry skin.

dry hair oil

If you have dry hair (usually or after summer, swimming pool, etc.) you can also apply it to your hair. A small amount on dry ends before using OLIVIA frequent use shampoo .

Olive oil, whose virtues have been known since ancient times, has exceptional moisturizing properties thanks to its content of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins . It is the indispensable ally of the skin and hair both in summer and winter.

230 ml container.