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Hearts ecological compostable cloth

Sale price€2,95 EUR

Discover a true ecological gem: our compostable cloth, where sustainability is combined with the love of cleanliness! 💚💕

Because taking care of the planet and doing household chores don't have to be boring.

Imagine giving your kitchen a chic twist while freeing yourself from everyday tasks, all thanks to a simple cloth. But this is not just any cloth, it is a powerful ecological tool that will change your perspective.

Why use compostable cloths

Well, traditional cloths are made from petroleum-derived plastics, which release microplastics into the environment as they wear out.

Our solution is different: these cloths are made with organic cotton and cellulose, avoiding the emission of microplastics. And here's the cool twist: when you no longer need your cloth, you can throw it away in the organic waste container, because it's compostable!


  • 70% cellulose
  • 30% cotton

And the production? Fair and sustainable in Germany! Even their inks are ecological and water-based, which is a plus for caring for the environment.

And the best: it is 100% compostable! Say goodbye to the dilemmas of how to dispose of used cloths. Plus, it's so versatile that you can wash it in the washing machine or dishwasher (yes, in the top compartment).


17cm x 20cm x 0.3cm

In short, if you are looking for an ecological and waste-free option, this compostable cloth is your safe choice! A small step with a big impact on your routine and the planet. 💚🌍

Hearts ecological compostable cloth
Hearts ecological compostable cloth Sale price€2,95 EUR