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Vintage isothermal bottle 500 ml

Sale price€27,90 EUR

Elegance and functionality come together in our exclusive steel bottles. We are proud to present you our Vintage 500 ml Isothermal Bottle, a unique piece that combines the charm of the past with modern thermal insulation technology. Discover how this bottle has become a symbol of style and durability, giving you the perfect experience to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature.

Vintage Isothermal Bottle 500 ml - A Touch of Classic Elegance:

Our 500 ml Vintage Isothermal Bottle is much more than a simple container for your drinks. With a design inspired by classic aesthetics, this steel bottle will captivate you with its timeless and sophisticated charm. Whether you take it to a business meeting or an outdoor excursion, its presence will attract everyone's attention.

Cutting-edge thermal performance:

Behind its vintage appearance, this steel bottle features cutting-edge thermal insulation technology. Thanks to its double stainless steel wall, you can enjoy your hot drinks for up to 12 hours or keep them cold for 24 hours. With this bottle, you will no longer have to worry about lukewarm or watery drinks, but you will always enjoy them at their perfect point!


Size: 25.5cm x 6.5cm

Capacity: 500ml

Durability and resistance in each use:

At Campo di Fiore, quality is our priority. The Vintage 500 ml Isothermal Bottle is made of high quality stainless steel, ensuring exceptional resistance to knocks and daily wear. Its airtight screw-on lid ensures that your drinks stay safe at all times, preventing spills and leaks.

The perfect gift for lovers of classic aesthetics:

If you are looking for a special gift for someone who appreciates classic and elegant, our 500 ml Vintage Isothermal Bottle is the ideal choice. Surprise your loved ones with this exceptional piece that combines style, functionality and sustainability in a single product.


The Vintage 500 ml Isothermal Bottle is much more than a bottle; It is a reflection of your style and good taste. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature while you immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the classic. Click here [link to purchase page] to purchase your own 500 ml Vintage Isothermal Bottle and discover the charm of our steel bottles. Be part of the elegance and sophistication that Campo di Fiore offers you with every sip.

Vintage isothermal bottle 500 ml
Vintage isothermal bottle 500 ml Sale price€27,90 EUR