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Marseille soap with olive oil, 400 grams

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The traditional cube of Marseille Soap based on olive oil , without dyes, perfumes or synthetic products.

It is particularly gentle on the skin and as it does not contain palm oil it is particularly environmentally friendly.

A natural product

For more than 115 years, Marius Fabre has been manufacturing Marseille soap based exclusively on vegetable oils. Without adding dyes, synthetic adjuvants, petroleum derivatives or animal fats as is the case with other commercial soaps and bath gels.

The manufacturing process called "Marseillaise" (cooking in cauldrons for more than a week) guarantees an extra pure soap, free of impurities. This makes it a very gentle product that can be used by all skin types, especially the most sensitive (babies, allergies, psoriasis, etc.).

The olive oil it contains provides nutritional properties and has been scientifically proven to help reduce dry skin * .

(*) SVHO/99 dermatological study, Montpellier University Hospital, Department of Dermatology

Environmentally friendly and economical

This product is a vegetable soap, biodegradable, without phosphates or synthetic products. It does not pollute rivers and contributes to the preservation of the environment.

In recycled cardboard packaging, without any plastic.

Being a highly concentrated soap, it lasts a long time, and the drier it is, the longer it lasts, making it a particularly economical product.


Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide

The glycerin contained in this soap is a natural product since it is a component of the saponification reaction itself to form soap.

Use tips

For body hygiene: since it cares for the most sensitive skin, it can be used for complete hygiene of the face, body and hair. Recommended by dermatologists in case of intolerance to synthetic soaps and soap bases.

Against moths: hang a slice of Marseille soap in the closet to keep moths away.

Against cramps: placing a slice of Marseille soap at the bottom of the bed helps relieve cramps and rheumatism.

As a stain remover: rub the stain with slightly damp Marseille soap. It will be removed more effectively when washed afterwards. Perfect for stains on shirt collars or armholes.

To treat wounds: Marseille soap cleans small wounds and abrasions.

As a toothpaste: it is very good for the gums and makes the teeth clean and white.

Marseille soap with olive oil, 400 grams
Marseille soap with olive oil, 400 grams Sale price€5,40 EUR