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Refill for Monoi Flower scented bouquet 250 ml

Sale price€16,50 EUR

Refill for scented bouquet, so you can reuse your mikado over and over again.

Monoi Flower Fragrance

An elegant combination of white flowers, vanilla and coconut that is reminiscent of turquoise waters of white sand and coconut aroma.

From time to time do not forget to also replace the rattan sticks because over time they can become saturated with perfume.

How to use the refill for a scented bouquet

When your mikado scent runs out, simply refill the container with the amount of mikado fragrance you choose. We recommend that, with each refill, you change the rattan sticks for optimal perfume diffusion.

If you want more or less intensity of perfume, simply put more or less rattan sticks in the container.