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Thyme mouthwash tablets

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The ideal solution for daily rinsing, with Thyme essential oil. You just have to dissolve a rinse tablet in a little water and rinse.

  • Perfect for travel
  • With baking soda
  • Approx. 180 pills
  • Vegan

The mouthwash tablets They are easy to store and perfect to take with you. They are made with natural, non-toxic, food-grade ingredients.

They are free of fluoride, glycerin and SLS. They help restore the pH balance of the mouth to maintain good oral health. They freshen breath and have a natural and pleasant aroma.

They come in a glass bottle with 180 tablets, making them also a perfect alternative for travel.

Georganics makes all of its products by hand in small batches with natural and organic ingredients.


Sodium Bicarbonate*, Tartaric Acid*, Sodium Benzoate*, Natural Coloring*, Menthol*, Thymol*, Natural Wild Thyme Flavoring*.

* Food grade ingredients


Place 1 or 2 tablets in half a glass of water and wait for them to dissolve completely. Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and spit.


Plastic-free: This product is plastic-free.

Zero-waste: Glass jar with aluminum lid (biodegradable material seal called viskrings)

Thyme mouthwash tablets
Thyme mouthwash tablets Sale price€11,25 EUR Regular price€12,50 EUR