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Article: How to choose the best natural soap for your skin

¿Cómo puedes elegir el mejor jabón natural para tu piel?

How to choose the best natural soap for your skin

From butters, with vegetable oils, with beeswax... there are natural soaps with all kinds of components, but how do you choose the right natural soap, the one that best suits your skin?

Natural soaps are a very versatile product, they admit an infinite number of ingredients that are combined with greater or lesser difficulty to obtain rich products that care for the skin, hydrate it and improve it.

Which soap is best for me?

I have been asked this question hundreds of times; it is, without exception, the biggest doubt among those who begin to try natural soaps. And it is not a casual question, it is that there really are soaps that work very well for some people but not so much for others.

To answer that question you have to know a little about the ingredients that make up each soap and then know your skin type or possible skin problems you may have had.

For those people who have very dry skin , almost any of the natural soaps will work very well since they always provide extra oil content. But within them, the best will be those that contain very moisturizing oils (olive, avocado, evening primrose, argan...) or butters such as shea that provide a lot of hydration. Examples of these are Castile , Argan , or Bitter Orange soaps.

Castile Soap from Campo di Fiore

For people prone to oily skin or acne , I always recommend Mint and Chocolate soap . Cocoa helps restore the balance of the skin, which is precisely what fails in cases of acne. Lavender soap with its unmistakable aroma and Green Tea soap with tea tree essential oil also work very well.

Campo di Fiore Mint and Chocolate Soap

If you have skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema , we recommend Anise and Rosemary soap since its combination of plant extracts and essential oils significantly improves the effects of these ailments. You can also use Thyme soap based on thyme and shea extract.

Natural Anis and Rosemary Soap from Campo di Fiore

In another article we will tell you about the best soaps for sensitive skin.

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